Wednesday, 8 June 2016

"Skool Daze"
Clarendon College HE Festival.

A short piece of work about the best days of your life, and director Luke Gascoigne, who also appears in the play.

All four actors play the parts of kids in the classroom and actually play the characters out really well as they seemed to get under the skin of the children's characters.

They highlight bullying of one character who just happened to speak differently and then, as kids so, changed it around again and became friends again. How fickle can kids be? They also read out a piece of what they did that weekend which was very typical of the way that kids speak and write, putting a smile on my face from the start.

The script was very well written and observed from the eyes of a school child and I also loved the section where the two girls were singing that rhyme, which takes me back to my childhood listening to my sister chanting "A sailor went to sea, sea, sea, to see what he could see. see,see". i also remember my sister and her friends singing it as fast as they could, just as they did in the play. Aaahh memories!

Really entertaining playlet which has the scope, I think, to be extended past the 20 minute piece. A nice touch as well at the end to close on Take That's "Never Forget", because we should not ever forget our childhood and our school days. i look forward to what Luke does next.

I would have name checked the other three actors but they weren't stated in the programme and unfortunately I didn't have time to get their names, but they all did a great job at regressing back to their childhood schooldays.

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