Wednesday, 15 June 2016

by Theatre Apparantly.

A new theatre company to me, they were formed in 2015 and set out to present serious issues in such a way as not to preach but to get the message across in a light hearted way. they did this at the Nottingham New Theatre this afternoon with the play strangely entitled "I Keep A Woman In My Flat Chained To A Radiator".

Why she is there we never find out and the two-hander play never addresses this matter, as if it were common place that a young woman is shackled to a piece of plumbing inside a single man's flat.

The play and it's two actors Alex Wells-King, as Stephen the young twenty-something professional and Monica Forero as the chained woman, as well as writer/director Adam Willis stopped off in Nottingham New Theatre on the way to the Edinburgh Fringe, and I'm so glad that i had the chance to catch it.

The play is very well observed and written and that makes for a very funny short play about insecurities, expectations and social opinions and issues. With clever sections which border on farce, it's really nice to see something new written by young writers, performed by young actors with the subject matter addressing young people. When you reach the age that this reviewer has attained you can have great fun reminiscing the subjects like getting ready for a first date, what to wear, what to say as well as being able to laugh at sexual personal doubts, should you get over all the previous hurdles aforementioned and still make a positive impression on your first date.

It's fast paced, funny and very well acted which makes the unbelievable idea of having a woman chained to your radiator who, seemingly willingly, cooks, cleans and launders for you, quite believable. A brilliant script which has the scope to be extended past the 45 minutes or so length. I would have loved to have seen the "date" in action and the aftermath plus there could be a prequel to show how the woman was kidnapped and how/why she became so amenable to her captor.

I love it as a short piece of theatre and at the same time I want more, and there is room for more. the play should go down a storm at The Edinburgh Fringe because of it's off the wall humour and young cast, plus it's a little bit sexy as well, or is that just me?

If this play stops off on the way back from it's success at Edinburgh for a return performance, please go and see it, because I know I will.

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