Tuesday, 7 June 2016

"It Means Nothing"
Clarendon Community Theatre.
It's quite rare that social commentary can actually be entertaining, and that's the secret in getting your message across to your target audience. This is where politicians fail miserably and while some speeches can sound exciting and interesting by the tone and enthusiasm, the content may be absolute rubbish. That's why Donald Trump has people listening but not hearing what he says.
Jake BrindleyJess Hardy-Turner and Tyler-Jake Harrison have managed to combine social comment with theatre entertainment and executed it in such a way that got people listening to what they were saying. I think their words will stick with the people who saw the performance tonight for a while and take heed.
They have done their research with the facts and figures, also quoting from people who have first hand experience about homelessness in Nottingham, hitting hard but in a way that you're compelled to listen.
Parodying modern songs like Adele's "Hello" and combining music with satirical speeches and then switching to factual accounts of how homelessness came to the featured characters. This reminded me partly of the approach Eve Ensler had with "The Vagina Monologues"; presenting emotive subjects with a twist of humour, and look how successful that show has proven to be over the years.
There were screened segments too, lampooning the lampooners with a sketch from "Spitting Image" where the Royal Family were visited by the bailiffs for not paying Council tax and they ended up living in a block of flats. A perfect example of how many a true word said in jest can come true, and not just for a group of puppets.
Very entertaining 40 minutes that hit the spot just where it needed to hit, It should be seen by more than the few who came to see it at Clarendon college.

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