Saturday, 25 June 2016

"MADD Showcase"
Nottingham Playhouse.

This is the first time that I have seen any of the Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama and I left tonight wondering why they have evaded my attention until now.

You know how you can get a compilation album of your favourite artist and there are tracks on there which you don't know and after listening to the whole lot, every track becomes your new favourite. That is how I felt after tonight.

This showcase is the best showcase I have ever seen. You would think that this was a West End Show on tour, I'd go as far as to say that this, on entertainment and production values alone was better than a lot of the professional shows that come to town.

The show opened with an explosion of talent with a piece called "Teacher's Pet" from "School Of Rock", they also ended with another track from "School Of Rock" called "Stick It To The Man".

What i really liked about the whole showcase was that the choice of performed pieces were not your standard performance pieces, but form modern musicals, as well as some well chosen classics plus some excellent choreographed pieces to tracks that you wouldn't think of including. i absolutely loved the choreography to The Disturbed's version of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound Of Silence".

Instead of performing the Elvis version of "All Shook Up" they decided to perform the West End musical version. There were swing tracks, hip hop dance routines, pop, dance, ballet, contemporary, tap, ballroom, every type of dance style you could think of.

Many solos and duets and ensemble numbers all incredibly professionally performed. And who ever chose to include tracks from the new musical "Something Rotten" deserves a massive pat on the back. "It's Hard To Be The Bard", "Welcome To the Renaissance", "A Musical" and "Will Power" are brilliant modern day musical tracks and Brogan Flanagan and Luke Haywood was the right choice for these songs. Great sense of humour and fun and brilliantly performed. i loved it.

The tap routines were just amazing, as were all the choreographed pieces. brilliant dancers and very talented choreographers. The "I Got Rhythm" section was pure Broadway.

A brilliant comedy duet on "Moses Supposes" as well by George Metcalfe and Phillip Anderson, who also showed off some nifty footwork.

I'd love to pass gushing comments on all the pieces performed but I would still be writing this tomorrow morning and you'll be asleep.So apart from every single performer and performance what else did I love?

I loved the way that every scene merged into the previous one making sure that there was someone on stage at all times. Directed. conceived and staged by Emma Clayton.

i loved the lighting, designed by Russell Grubiak and supplied by Leigh Mulpeter which made the stage and the performers look like a Broadway production.

I loved the sound, designed by Rob Ketteridge, and the orchestra on stage which provided an absolute powerhouse of sound under the musical direction of Mike Cotton.

The costumes were fantastic and added to the overall class and style of the show, which as I've said before was just to the highest professional standard.

I can see any one of the performers from MADD in professional productions as either dancer, singer or whatever because by the looks of this group they are all primed and ready to slot into the world of theatre at a drop of a hat.

Thank you everyone on stage and all the hard working people behind the scenes for opening my eyes to the incredible talent that MADD produce. I left the theatre exhausted from just watching you. i also had to restrain myself from giving a standing ovation after every piece, but I couldn't wait to get to my feet at the end of an amazing awesome night of excellent entertainment.

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