Sunday, 29 October 2017

“Topsy Turvey/Trial By Jury” by Matthew Siveter and Derbyshire Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton.
Tonight was like a football match of two halves because in the first half we have a one man show featuring Matthew Siveter called “Topsy Turvey” featuring a selection of quirky songs, comedy and Gilbert & Sullivan songs.
With a novel introduction piece and an even more novel ending, and I won't say what these are and spoil the magic for if you see Matt's one man show in the future, but they are very funny, as is the rest of his material in between.
With musical pieces like "Poisoning The Pigeons In The Park", "I'm Not Like The Other Cavemen" and "The Masochism Tango", as well as parodies of G&S pieces, this is one comedy show with a difference. I must also add though that Matt is an excellent singer, as he proves throughout his show.
Supported by Chris Flint on keyboards, this is one classy presentation.
In the second half the Derby Gilbert & Sullivan Society present the one act comic opera “Trial by Jury”.
As with most Gilbert & Sullivan operas, the plot of “Trial By Jury” is ludicrous, but the characters behave as if the events were perfectly reasonable.
Matt continues with the comedy as the Judge, complete with a "fat suit", robes and wig alongside Stephen Godward (Counsel for the Plaintiff), Tom Rushton (The Defendant), Peter Bostock (Foreman of the Jury), John Carter (Usher), Jenny Ashworth (The Plaintiff) and the Bridesmaids Sue Parker and Claire Warren.
The filming of the trial by the "media" is done live by Jean Krzeminski, Lynda Dunkley and Richard Miller plus an ensemble of eighteen providing a wave of vocals that swamped the Duchess Theatre.
Directed by Andrew Nicklin
A one night only performance which would prove to any doubter the comedy in Gilbert & Sullivan's works is for everyone.

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