Thursday, 5 October 2017

“Shock!” by Ravenshead Theatre Group
Ravenshead Village Hall
Written by the man who provided the script for the 1960’s TV show “The Avengers” and created “The Professionals” in the 1970’s, Brian Clemens, here’s a thriller which will have you on the edge of your seat right to the very end.
The play is set in 1974 and concerns air hostess, Maggie, who lives in a converted windmill. She has invited her latest boyfriend, Terry, who is a pilot and her friend Ann to help celebrate Maggie’s birthday. Among the other guests are neighbours Jenny and her husbandMaggie is a bit of a sexual predator who has a penchant for stealing her friends’ partners. She also has some strange tastes which include recording her and her lovers!
There are several deaths and disappearances in this play and all may not be as it first seems and the final twist is well worth the wait.
Making his Directorial debut Iain Walton has given us a classy and stylish thriller which keeps you guessing all the way up to the last five minutes what really happened.
Ann Marsh (Katie Bishton) is the first to be seen in this play and along with Jenny Rayner (Laura Bishton), these two keep you guessing as to if they could be the killer, or killers! Birthday girl,
Maggie Miller (Sarah Tryner ) keeps you also guessing up to the end of Act One, but for different reasons.
So if the killer isn't female, let's look at who the male suspects are.....
Could it be Steve Turner (Adam Hague) who committed the crime? Well there's a slight possibility but you soon see why the chances of this is slim.
Maybe Maggie's latest boyfriend Terry Dexter (Rob Hurst)? he had an excuse as Maggie had recently revealed something to him,and throughout the play, there are some weird feelings around Terry, plus he has an unnerving look about him at times.
Peter Rayner (Adam Nayar) cheating husband of Jenny, also has a motive, and he does seem to have a bit of a temper on him! Adam makes his acting debut with Ravenshead, not that you'd be able to tell because his role is oozing with confidence.
Or could it be the strange loner artist, Andy Flewin (Daniel Andrews) who has just popped in to deliver something special for Maggie on her Birthday. he certainly seemed not to waste any time getting to know Maggie.
All of these are possible suspects and it's fun working your way through the clues and throw away red herrings that are liberally sprinkled throughout.
The cast work well as a team and keep that air of suspense up there, but also provide some lovely comic lines to counter the suspense.
The set gives the impression of the curvature of a windmill and with the sails out front of the stage, it creates that feeling of looking into a converted windmill.
I've deliberately not given too much away with the characters and the actors because it;s difficult not to say anything without giving clues as to what happened. The play has many twists which will keep you going over what you've seen and what's been said and then going over them again when you discover a new lead.
“Shock!” is on at the Ravenshead Village Hall until Saturday 7 October 2017 and is well worth getting down there for this clever whodunnit and how!

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