Monday, 23 May 2016

"The Last Tango"
Vincent Simone & Flavia Cacace.

This is the third of the trilogy from the Simone/Cacace theatre shows following "Midnight Tango" and "Dance Til Dawn". Having seen the previous two, I can confirm that this is the best and most emotional of the three shows.That is saying something because the previous two were brilliantly entertaining.

This show has more musical numbers, 30 to be exact, many of them being vocal numbers with two incredible vocalists in Matthew Gent and an unnamed female vocalist.

Songs like "raise The Roof", "Flamenco Stomp", "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy","Alright Okay, You Win", "Save The Last Dance For Me", "Moonlight Serenade", "Straighten Up And Fly Right", "When I Fall In Love", "Blue Skies" and a gorgeous emotional arrangement of "Autumn Leaves". This particular song takes on a whole new feel with this story line.

As with the previous two shows there is a story running through the show and what a wonderful story this is. Teddy Kempner plays the narrator, who I'm sure is also the "elder Vincent" of the story. he is going through stuff in his attic and cellar and every thing he picks up brings back a memory of how he and Flavia's characters met, fell in love, married, separated by war, building a family and....... well I wouldn't want to spoil the ending, but just make sure you take a tissue because it is very emotional.

I don't need to say how good the dancing and choreography of the ensemble numbers are. This is Vincent and Flavia, of course it's amazing. Watching them on "Strictly" is exciting. Seeing them dance on stage is something else, to borrow a phrase from one of the songs, they really did "raise the roof". They are exciting, the show is wonderfully romantic and nostalgic and of course they performed the dance they are both famed for, the Argentine Tango, and it was out of this world!!

if you've ever watched a marble rolling round the floor, then this is like watching these two. The fluidity is FAB-U-LOUS dahlings and the staccato movements make the air crackle.

The ensemble have to be good to support these two world class dance masters and they all provide a wonderful support to the stars. The whole show oozes class. From the hypnotic dancing to the wonderful costumes. What do i know of fashion, I'm a bloke but Flavia's red outfit and the gorgeous silver outfit were just so beautiful. Mind-blowing. Thank you Vicky Gill who designed the costumes.

Musical director Steve Geere, produced a beautiful clear sound along with musical arrangers and orchestrators, Matt Smith and Chris Egan. Wonderful lighting, designed by James Whiteside and a marvelous set designed by Morgan Large. Many many people also made up the production team, but basically this is one of the most professionally produced and emotional and exciting dance show I've seen.

From where I sat there were not many empty seats and the whole cast received an almost 100% standing ovation, which was richly deserved.

"The Last Tango" is on at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall until Wednesday 25 May 2016 and is an absolute must for all "Strictly" fans and fans of world class dance shows. Definitely more than seven. Len, more like an 11 out of 10.

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