Thursday, 26 May 2016

"Dancing In The Streets"
Nottingham Royal Concert Hall.

Motown's Greatest Hits all within about two hours id a big ask, but these four men and three women performers did a mighty good job of cramming in as many as possible. Travelling musically from the early 60's to the 80's, the only missing major artists I didn't hear were The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson, but all the other big names were there.

Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, The Supremes, Edwin Starr, Temptations, Martha & The Vandellas, The Marvelettes, Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder and so many hits, all performed with a live band which created the magic Motown sound.

So many highlights I could mention but for me the showstopper was "What Becomes Of the Brokenhearted". Such a brilliant arrangement sung with great passion, it was if you had Jimmy Ruffin back in the room. i've seen Jimmy live and that song itself was an amazing tribute to the man.

I've also seen The Temptations live in the very same venue and to tell the truth Julian Cannonier, Newtion Matthews, Joseph Noble and Wayne Withers, the four male performers tonight, were better than the real thing. they really were that good!

I've seen Diana Ross live and while the three ladies, Emma Jones,Scarlet Gabriel and Joanne Sandi replicated the great songs of Diana Ross and The Supremes, no one yet can beat La Ross for a vocal performance. That is not knocking these three gorgeous women at all because there is only one Diana Ross and the girls tonight were amazing. Their harmonies, like the men, were so tight you wouldn't be able to slide a ten pound note between those vocals.

The vocals were tight, and so too was the choreography. I can remember seeing the original artists on TV and the dance steps tonight were as good as the originals. Carole Todd, the choreographer and director should feel very proud of this bunch, they all did her proud.

The costumes and wigs were also amazing. the whole show took me back years to seeing all my favourite Motown stars on grainy black and white shows from Germany and the U.S., but the style was what shone as bright as the music and songs. Tonight took me back decades.

This show is a massive celebration of the best of Motown and the big stars that Berry Gordy's roster of talent gave the world. The title of the show is "Dancing In The Street" and that is what this show had us all doing, but not just in the street afterwards. From the very start, this show was one big party with the majority of the audience on their feet for most of the time.

If you get chance to see this show, take it. With the current interest in Motown music on stage, succumb to the temptation and see this wonderful, supremely starr laden party..

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