Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Emerging Perspectives Company

Three short plays performed at Bonington Theatre which have an interesting thread that links the three, well there are several threads but I particularly like the relationship aspect of the three because all three are so different.

"Bonemill", written by Alison Dunne, is about Riley and Viv, Viv being the elder of the two and Riley has been landed in Viv's care due to the death of her Grandma. To start with Riley doesn't click with her elderly ward but after an education in what life was like, and when she thinks that she has lost Viv for good, Riley's true feelings emerge.

"Bonner Mox", written by Imogen joyce, is about the unlikely relationship between Wreck, a young girl whose father is involved in the 80's miner's strike, and likes school but discovers that her favourite teacher is leaving, and a fox, called Mox. She feels that everyone who she cares about is leaving her when she befriends a starving fox who manages to turn her life around and stops her from ending it all. there are subtle similarities between Mox's existence and Wreck's life, which creates a lovely parallel between the two.

"Notts Sweet Home" by Saraa Rain, is about a family who have reunited after seven years when a father who had to leave one of his daughters with their paternal Grandmother, but after she dies, the daughter, Gabrielle, travels up to Nottingham to live with her sister, Grace and their dad. Again there's that difficult start to the relationship which softens with knowledge learned, culminating in quite an emotional father/daughter sing along and dance to their Grandmother's favourite song, Ben E King's "Stand By Me".

Looking at the theatrical histories of the actors, writers, directors and production and technical people involved, there's such a wealth of talent involved in this hat trick of local stories.

The sets were minimal but all the props were chosen from two large rails on stage and the props were moved about by the actors themselves which incorporated the set shifting into the story lines.

Lyrically I loved the way the stories were told and these talented group of actors really painted pictures in your mind with the script.

I couldn't pick one of these three plays over the other two as they were so different, but so similar and each one had something really special to give story wise. There's also some emerging talent here and if you like your theatre just a little different, then I'd implore you to look out for this talent rich company. Nice use of the featured music as well.

For more information on Emerging Prospectives Company, please visit their website http://newperspectives.co.uk/?idno=676

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