Monday, 6 July 2015

Nottingham Theatre Royal

From the same company that brought you "The Play That Goes Wrong", here's another wonderful slice of comedy mayhem. Anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong, and it does.

Missed cues, mis timed sound effects, props that don't work or not in the right place, wrong script cues, and add to this the fact that people are flying about on wires (and what can go wrong there?), oh and some wonderful bouts of over acting by Wendy darling, played by Sandra Wilkinson, played by Leonie Hill. don't worry, it'll all become clear!

People laughed at Les Dawson playing the piano out of tune, but that was a smoke screen for a talented pianist, and that is the same here. It may look like a catastrophe but every one of the actors are primed to perfection with comic timing, and that's what makes this play one of the funniest plays doing the rounds at the moment.

The Cornley Youth Theatre are the theatre company within the theatre company who are putting on "Peter Pan", After last years stripped back version of their last Seasonal Vignette, not a panto, "Jack And The Bean", comes this classic Christmas offering, in July.

Here's a play that all ages will enjoy and that showed in the audience. there's slapstick and what comes across as some really violent "accidents", but don't worry kids, it's all done in the best possible taste and within the bounds of health and safety, but boy does it look good and exercises the old chuckle muscles.

There are plenty of "boo" moments with the evil Captain Hook and the hero of the piece is Max who saves the day as the Crocodile, or is that actor Matt Cavendish. It can get a little confusing when the characters are played by actors who are really characters in the play, played by real actors.

This is an early panto treat for everyone and some classic panto lines liberally cast out by some well placed stooges, making for some great "audience participation" and adding to the overall fun of this show.

Some great scenery sections on a revolving stage which also causes some great comic moments at the end. For a really enjoyable family night out, you could do a lot worse than seeing "Peter Pan Goes Wrong" at the Nottingham Theatre Royal until Saturday 11 July 2015.

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