Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nottingham Theatre Royal

The second of the Colin McIntyre Classic Thriller Season 2014 follows on from last week's "The Ghost Train". Written by Nicholas Ridley, son of Arnold Ridley who wrote "The Ghost Train", and Mansfield's Chris Ponka.

The set is the same as last week, but this is because fictitious Am Dram society, The Lemon Tree Players, are set to present a production of "The Ghost Train", little do they realise that they themselves would be wrapped up in a murder mystery to rival that of any fictitious plot.

There are a few new faces in the production, as well as a few of the regular names, Andrew Ryan, in a completely different role from last week's under cover detective, Susan Earnshaw, Jeremy Lloyd-Thomas and Sarah Wynne Kordas. The new names keep the cast fresh and provide some very nice comic touches, especially Alan Magor as the slightly "wet behind the ears" Barrie.

Tabs Productions Company show just how versatile they are with this "play within a play" play and while using the premise of the Arnold Ridley story, the characters and storyline is completely different.

To be honest, I don't think Nicholas Ridley is quite the writer that his dad was because this storyline was no where near as strong as "The Ghost Train" but instead offers a more of a comedy play, which if truth be told, is what the play is billed as, and succeeds under this heading. Saying that though, the ending is more open ended than "The Ghost Train" and possible leaves the door open for another episode for The Lemon Tree Players.

Some nice jumpy bits, good lighting effects and sound and another unexpected twist as to who will be the undercover detective this time. Despite not being as strong as the week's before excellent play, this is entertaining and provides laughs as well as the thrill element.

"Shadow Of The Ghost" is at the Theatre Royal until Saturday 9 August 2014

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