Wednesday, 6 August 2014

AGNES OF GOD by John Pielmeier
Lace Market Theatre

I, along with a select group of people had the pleasure of seeing Zodiac Theatre's first Nottingham production at the Lace Market Theatre of "Agnes Of God" a day ahead of it's public outing, and if you're planning on seeing it on Thursday 7 August 2014, then you are in for a real treat.

Agnes is a young nun who becomes pregnant by what seems to be an immaculate conception. Whether this is the case or not we do not get to find out for sure, which leaves the viewer to make up their own mind as to what may or may not have happened.

It's also partly the story of Doctor Livingstone, the psychiatrist who has been drafted in to try and piece together what happened that led up to the events revealed in the play. We also find out why Dr Livingstone treats the Mother Superior in the way that she does throughout her investigations, and were there darker messages in the play that now and again reared its' head? A thought provoking piece of work for sure!

Lindsay Foster plays the nun Agnes, timid, sheltered, naive and anxious not to believe what has happened to her, but events later in the play clarify why this is the case.

Katie Ward is nothing less than amazing as the Mother Superior, eager to hide some secret about the event, but what could that secret be and if there is nothing to hide, then why is she so eager to have Dr Livingstone taken off of the case?

Anna Sanderson plays Dr Livingstone with such conviction that at times she almost spits venom at the Mother Superior, all the time knowing that there is something that is being hidden from her and frustrated at not being able to get on with her job that she has been hired to do.

If you want the answers to all of the above....well you know where to go!

There are some lovely comic lines along with the very dramatic and wordy pieces. You could have heard a pin drop through most of the play and you could practically hear the assembled audience breathing, so intense was the action.

All three actors held us spellbound with their performances in this powerful play and you can tell that this must have been a labour of love for director Simon Ward to work on. Bringing out the sensitivity of the piece as well as the hard nosed and stubborn sides from the characters.

This is the third production from Zodiac Theatre who are normally based in Mansfield but have made, not only a departure from the comedy they have previously done, but also a departure to Nottingham to spread the word with their talented crew. The Lace Market theatre is the ideal surroundings for their Nottingham debut and I'm hoping that we see a lot more from this very talented, and friendly theatrical group.

"Agnes Of God" is being performed at the Lace Market Theatre on Thursday 7 August only and you can get tickets from the Lace Market Theatre box office.

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