Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bilborough College until 13th December 2013

The students of Bilborough Sixth Form College follow up last year's Madness fest "Our House - The Musical" with the Queen musical, written by Ben Elton, "We Will Rock You" and the large cast did just that. A packed auditorium clapped, stomped and applauded 21 of Queen's best known hits weaved into a futuristic image of life 300 years into the future where music and musical instruments have been banned.

But there's hope in the guise of Galileo, Brit (short for Britney Spears), Scaramouche and the Bohemians in their battle against the Killer Queen and Commander Khashoggi to bring back live rock music to the planet.

Bilborough College have an impressive record of producing talented music and theatrical students like recent Les Mis star, Andy Coxon, who recently returned to the college to give a Masterclass in musical theatre.

Well, there's more talent of the future here in WWRU. Sam Gosrani (Galileo) has a really strong voice and looked to really enjoying playing the saviour of 2313's rock music scene, along with his "chick" Scaramouche (Emily Newsome). To start with I didn't realise (because I'd never seen this musical before), that Galileo had a stutter and it wasn't Sam with the stutter. A tribute to Sam's acting.

Brit (Gomolemo "Hummer" Nyakale), is another one with a really strong, soulful voice with a natural acting ability. When I met him earlier this week, he came across as quite a quiet kind of guy but he really comes alive on stage.

Loved the arrogant Khoshoggi, played by Tom Boyden and Khoshoggi's boss The Killer Queen, very reminiscent of The Acid Queen in "Tommy" , played with great attitude and swagger by Natalia Brown. And this wasn't the only strong female role in WWRU, the aforementioned Scaramouche and Meat (Brit's love interest) portrayed by Hannah Lewis.

Must also mention the role of "Pop" ( Ben Rose - another really strong vocal on "These Are The Days Of Our Lives" ), who was the key to Galileo and Scaramouche saving the day by locating the Hairy One's axe.

A more than able chorus and dancers backed the main roles, with a few recognisable faces, (Hi Curtis), and a live band completes this very enjoyable evening of future talent. A hit for directors Ben and Tadek and a great showcase for choreographer Beth Ross-Wadell. A great script as well which is packed with miscellaneous lyrics and name checks of some of the greats in music...and the Teletubbies!

I started the review by saying that the place was sold out tonight, so I suggest you get those tickets fast, while you still have the chance!

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