Sunday, 8 December 2013

Lakeside Djanogly Theatre

Directed by Martin Berry

As you walk into the Djanogly Theatre auditorium at Lakeside, there's one thing that strikes you even before the play starts. What a brilliant set! It's the sort of front room you'd want to live in yourself and has so much atmosphere, especially with the French Windows with the view of the snow covered garden. But that set holds magic, which I'm not going to reveal.

Between the Designer, Helen Fownes-Davies and the Digital Designer, Barret Hodgson, they create a lovely warm and magical feel to the atmosphere before any one of the three actors enter into our midst.

The play is written by Toby Hulse and based on the classic Christmas story, A Christmas Carol, but Toby drags Dickens kicking and screaming right up to date for a wonderful hour of entertainment for all the family, apart from the really little ones who may be a little scared of the odd ghostly apparition. And yes, it was just an hour. Just long enough for the little ones not to be bored, which I don't think there will be any fear of that as all three actors, Alec Fellowes-Bennett, Josephine Rattigan and Matthew Bloxham all play to the childlike in us all, whatever our age!

Theatre now has to offer more to keep up with the special effects that today's movies offer, and Lakeside, I feel, have done just that with the digital imagery, special effects and the wonderful experience and wizadry of Martin Berry and his incredibly talented crew. From the lighting design to the puppetry and the classic festive music choices, this is one Christmas production you don't want to miss out on this year.

So different from the pantos that are on this year, this is an alternative to the staple Christmas entertainment, keeping in with traditional but using the technology of today to keep the story fresh and interesting.

"A Christmas Carol" is on until Sunday 29 December 2013.

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