Tuesday, 15 May 2018

“Legally Blonde”
Nottingham Theatre Royal
Legally Blonde is the well-known story of sorority president Elle Woods, as she crosses the country on a mission to find love at Harvard Law School. After discovering that she can use law for the greater good, she uses her new found skills to defy the odds and prove that pink really can save the day.
The X Factor’s 2009 finalist Lucie Jones plays Elle Woods and I think I'm in love with her. Proving that there is so much more to this singer than just a great voice, she shows what a talented stage actress she is. There are little facial expressions that she gives that make Elle's character so natural, and Lucie could possibly be the best Elle that I've seen. Such a well rounded performance which is also great fun to watch. There's also a mention for Simon Cowell shoe horned into the script!
Hairdresser and Beautician, Paulette Bonafonte, is played by Rita Simons, best known for her role as Roxy Mitchell in Eastenders. I think I am also in love with Paulette. She gives a gutsy performance which you just can't help but love. And what a wonderfully raspy soul edge to her vocals.
Another soap star plays Professor Callaghan. Bill Ward who was last seen falling from a motorway bridge in Emmerdale, and previously being beaten to death by Tracy Barlow in Coronation Street, at least survives this role.
Soap stars often get pigeon holed but when you see actors who are known for being in weekly TV dramas like Eastenders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street on stage, you really see another side of them. Or maybe we just see another layer of their talents that we've not yet discovered. If Bill hasn't played Billy Flynn in "Chicago", he ought to after seeing him in this role.
Bill Ward can sing and he can also bust some moves out as well, and you find yourself having a new kind of admiration for soap actors like Rita and Bill.
The rest of the mains are absolutely superb. David Barrett (Emmett Forrest), Liam Doyle (Warner Huntingdon III),Laura Harrison (Vivienne) and Ben Harlow (Kyle B O' Doyle) also go to prove that this could be the best professional cast I've seen do "Blonde".
And then there's the ensemble actors who add more layers to this gorgeous musical.
A wonderfully crisp orchestra who complemented the onstage vocals without once swamping them. Directed and choreographed by Anthony Williams, this is a show that is pretty dance heavy, for all the cast members and ensemble.
This show has so much energy in it that even the skipping ropes lit up from the sheer power and skipping skills of the cast
The set reminded me of a cartoon page with its' off kilter and slanted scenery, only added to the comic style element.
But stealing most of the hearts tonight were Bruiser and Rufus, the two canine stars.
Oh My God how I love this musical which is crammed full of catchy tunes, great characters, a fun script, that may not be quite PC - but who cares? It's bright, breezy, bouncy, camp and pink! What more could you ask for?
A total standing ovation showed that this is a much loved piece of theatre that will continue top bring great pleasure to theatre audiences for decades to come.
“Legally Blonde” is at the Nottingham Theatre Royal until Saturday 19 May 2018. You’ll be tickled pink if you manage to bend and snap up a ticket for this fun, frothy, feel good musical

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