Tuesday, 9 May 2017

“The Wedding Singer”
Nottingham Theatre Royal
Set in 1985, Robbie Hart is New Jersey’s favourite wedding singer. All is going well in his career and his love life as he himself is due to marry when his fiancée dumps him at the altar, so Robbie makes every wedding he sings at as miserable as his own. But we all know the saying, “When one door closes..... another opens and in walks Julia. Julia is set to marry her fiancé Glenn, who’s a bit of a bad ‘un. He works on Wall Street and for him, it’s all about the green and Julia takes second place to his first love, money!
Will Julia see what Glenn is really like? Will Robbie get back with his ex fiancée, Linda? Will Robbie’s hip Grandma Rose be able to play Cupid between Julia and Robbie? All these questions are answered, and more, this week at the Nottingham Theatre Royal so grab your best hat because this is one hell of a fun ride.
Jon Robyns, who has a list of theatre credits as long as a long arm, (including playing Jamie in one of my favourite musicals “The Last 5 Years”) plays Robbie Hart. I've seen a few Robbie Harts and Jon is up there with the best. Great likeability and a great set of vocals, especially in his duet "If I Told You"
Cassie Compton, who you may just remember from being a finalist on “The X Factor” back in 2004, plays the sweet natured Julia. Sweet natured with a gorgeously sweet singing voice
Ray Quinn turns bad guy as Glenn and boy has he come a long way since playing little Anthony Murray in “Brookside”. He can sing, dance and act, a real triple boon for any show. Loved the laugh he has which is more like a half sneer; he really got into the role and his big number "All About The Green" is wonderfully performed with a big dance number to boot. Brilliant showman.
“Hi De Hi” favourite Ruth Madoc plays Grandma Rosie. the ballsiest Grandma ever. Ruth can sing and can still shake a leg, and you can now add rapping to her list of talents. A brilliant comic scene which pleased
the masses in the audience, and you should see her do those flips!!! Who'd have thought it?
Due to the unforeseen departure of Roxanne Pallett as Holly, Tara Verloop stepped up and played a blinder. Great voice, great mover and great to look at as well. Roxanne who?
Linda, Robbie's fiancee who dumps him at the altar was also a replacement. Played by the gorgeous Hannah Jay-Allen, she has one hell of a pair of lungs on her, they match her legs. Boy this is a great cast!
Ashley Emerson (Sammy) and Samuel Holmes (George) complete the band and provide many of the wonderful comedy moments in this brilliant feel good show.
Directed and choreographed by Nick Winston and i think every one would agree that the choreography on this show was amazingly tight and extremely exciting to watch. The ensemble were some of the best I'd seen in a musical.
Not only was the dancing tight but so was the incredible orchestra, under the direction of Sean Green. Great sound.
The brilliant set is designed by Francis O’ Connor, who also designed the brilliant costumes.
Lighting was designed by Ben Cracknell and the sound was by Ben Harrison. Both Bens responsible for creating an exciting and atmospheric piece of theatre.
Also loved the trailers from the films from 1985 that were shown before the show started and a very clever "Back To the Future" segment which got us into the musical with the actual date of the show and heading back in time. Very clever and novel way to get into the show.
“The Wedding Singer” is on at the Nottingham Theatre Royal until Saturday 13 May 2017. Make sure you get your invite as this is one party you don’t want to be left out of!

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