Thursday, 16 March 2017

"An Intervention" by Mike Bartlett
Nottingham New Theatre
This week seems to be women in theatre week as every play this week shows how strong the writing in these plays are for women. This play is no different.
This is a playful two-hander that was written as a no specific gender role for "A" and "B", as the characters are named. In the Nottingham New Theatre production, they take the opportunity to make both characters female.
"A" and "B" are very different,. they have an explosive connection but they also bounce off each other, just like any pair of friends do.
"A" is bright and funny with a vulnerable edge, particularly when she drinks too much. Which she does, quite a lot. "B" is a bit dull, more of the stooge, but "A" makes her more sparky.Both are very intelligent and clued up. They work well together and are mutually supportive. Or are they?.....
The relationship moves on and is no longer quite as special as it once was. Why? Because "B" has a new girlfriend, Hannah, who "A" doesn't like. Things get worse when "A" goes on a march to protest against the government's military intervention in another country, while "B" supports the war and doesn't turn up to support "A"..
You could class the play as an intelligent comedy of sorts. a funny play, but it's also a sad play about being faithful and true to your friends when they need that crutch the most, but also being slightly neglectful of that friendship, but the final scenes say it all.
There's also the secondary notion that reflects the political and military state as being "A" and "B", if you want to look even deeper into the play.
Ella Hiscocks plays "A" while Libby Boyd plays "B". These two young women dig deep within their souls to produce an emotion packed play which is also very believable. With only two actors, There are a lot of words to be shared out, but in the short space of time these students have between their studies, they made the script spring to life and sound natural.
Director, Beth Angella only came across this play four months ago, so it shows what a lot of hard work she, and producer Izzy Miles have put into this complex and thought provoking play.
The lighting, designed by Hannah Burne, created time gaps in the play but also succeeded in creating the stark tension by focusing on just the two women. Technical Director is Joseph Heil.
"An Intervention" is at the Nottingham New Theatre until Friday 18 March 2017.

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