Friday, 4 November 2016

"Love's Labour's Wonne" by Riverside Drama
Duchess Theatre.
Writer/Director Liz Turner has written a wonderfully funny play about what would happen if Shakespeare was introduced to the 21st Century with all its magic and wizadry like telephones and the internet.
Writer Jack Forrest (James Billington) has writer's block and he takes himself off to the old school where Shakespeare once tutored to get the creative juices flowing again. Little does he know that he gets a bit more than he bargains for when the Bard himself appears to give him a helping hand.
Shakespeare (Paul Norris) also learns a lot when introduced to the wonders of the modern world but soon wants to get back to from where he came and so, after a few little eye opening adventures, James and his "colleague" Annie (Amy Cannon), break back into the old school and send him back to his previous life, but not before Bill leaves Jack a little reminder of their time together in the shape of an undiscovered sonnet and a play deemed to be missing in "Love's Labour's Wonne"
There are some lovely character roles in the play as well as the main characters. Sarah Terry as the student Lisa, who has a bit of a crush on Jack. i loved her Taylor Swift style accent. Donna Chinn as the maid, Rose, who worked for the school owner, Lady C, played by Celia Biliau. And then there's Professor Quayle (Dave Wilson) who isn't all he seems to be either!
A brilliant set which has a room that i personally would love to spend the night in, designed by Liz Turner and Bob Baron.
Excellent lighting effects by Keith Salway and Martin Holtom, who also did the sound and the sound effects.
It's a lovely gentle comedy romp in the style of "Back To The Future" with some excellent acting from everyone involved, especially the two lead men, James Billington and an eerily Shakespeare lookalike in Paul Norris.
"Love's Labour's Lost" is on at The Duchess Theatre in Long Eaton until Saturday 5 November 2016. Forget the fireworks, go and see this little cracker instead.

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