Saturday, 23 July 2016

Zak Scott & Friends "Ignited By A Dream"
Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton.
Zak Scott you have got to stop doing this to me. I've reached a certain age when I'm now forgetting people's names (Sorry Jack), and even forgetting I've met people face to face before (Sorry Lewis), and again you had me welling up. First at your brilliant version, with some of your fellow male singers, of "Bring Him Home" and then at the end with your emotional speech.
I was pontificating on the bus home (and was not arrested for doing so in a public place) as to whether I would trade my bag o spanners looks to be good looking, or to have a slither of the talent I saw on Saturday night. Well, in a slight remix of one of the songs performed in the show, "Talent 10 Looks 3". I would love to be able to sing like these people on stage.
I was chatting to, and I hate to name drop here (well anyone who knows me will refute this), but I was chatting to the Mayor Of Beeston and we both agreed that if we could go back 40 years (in the Mayor's case, maybe a few less in mine), we would love to get a taste of what it would be like to have the talent on stage.
And there was a lot of talent at the Duchess on Saturday night. Zakrounded up a group of friends, mainly female (it was like Zak and his harem), but which red blooded male would not want to be surrounded by gorgeous company, and they presented an evening of wonderful musical entertainment and all in the name of the Lymphoma Association charity. This is Zak's third, and final, show raising money for great causes such as this. Yet again the theatre was packed.
Looking at the programme of songs, I, being a massive Jason Robert Brown and Scott Alan fan, was very happy to see both song writer's compositions featured. There were tracks from the musicals "A Chorus Line", "Neverland","Mamma Mia", "Book Of Mormon", The Last 5 Years", "Wicked", "Hamilton", "Shrek", "American Idiot", "Hairspray", "Chicago", "The Addams Family", "Parade", "Funny Girl", "Oliver", "Smash", "Footloose" and "Jersey Boys" with a few dance peices interspersed.
Compering the show was Erewash Sound's David Allen who also produced many chuckles with his jokes.
Zak was joined by Courtney Walker, Megan Rose, Megan Thomas,Chloe Brace, Natalie Austin, Lauren Austin, Ella Charlesworth, Georgie Bond,Tayla EvansEmily-Rose GentEmily Horner, Ellie Simmonds, Erin Hill, Cara Verney, Rosie Verney, Lewis HaycockOliver WheddonPaddy Stafford with the band led by Leon Wade with Sean Garavan, Chris Renshaw, Jeff Widdowson and Adam Baskill.
On the technical side the sound was by Sean Renshaw and lighting byDave Martin and stage managed by Roydon Charlesworth. Choreography by Cara Verney.
I liked the fact that Zak's confidence to perform a more uptempo set paid off and was great to see his perform "Mr Sellophane" from "Chicago" and the fun, but oh so tongue in cheek song "Baptise Me" from "Book Of Mormon" alongside slower numbers. I was also so chuffed that he included "Bring Him Home" sung in a Blake/Collabro style in a quartet, which brought some of the audience, me included, to a standing ovation (well it was an emotional piece).
Also loved Emily-Rose Gent's numbers from "Hamilton" , which is a wonderful soundtrack which includes "Burn" and "Don't Rain On My Parade" from "Funny Girl", sounding in places like a young Streisand.
Adored Emily Horner's soulful version of "I Know Where I'm From", from "Hairspray", and the sublime "Second Hand Baby Grand" from "Smash" sung by Erin Hill.
Ending the night on a fun medley of "Jersey Boys" songs with Chris Renshaw, Lewis Haycock and Oliver Wheddon and an ensemble working of "Ignited By A Dream".
Zak Scott, you are a selfless and talented young man who, along with all of your friends from the last three years have given your time and talent to help better the lives of others less fortunate and you all deserve the rewards you reap from what you give out.
A wonderful evening's entertainment and for a wonderful cause. More power to all of your elbows.

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