Thursday, 28 April 2016

"Ladies Down Under"
Burton Joyce Players.

Written by Amanda Whittington and the follow up to "Ladies Day", this is the story of four ladies, Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda who have won half a million pounds at the races and they decide to take the holiday of a lifetime to Australia. It's a voyage of discovery for all four and they all discover something about the others and themselves.

Deborah Craddock is Pearl who has to make the journey and discovers all sorts of new things while down under. She has just discovered something about herself which is the reason why she had to make this particular trip.

Kathy Matthews, as Jan, is due to meet Joe at the airport in Australia and when he doesn't show up, Jan believes that she has been dumped, which couldn't be further from the truth.

Sally Panter is the designer label loving Shelley who's also on the look out for a fella on this trip. She has a complete turnaround by the end of the four week holiday and she has grown into a whole new woman, and there's a surprise for her at the end as well.

Linda also comes away from the trip a changed woman. At the start of the trip she is like a little mouse who wants to please everyone. At the end there is a distinct change to her whole appearance and attitude after meeting Koala Bare and Bondi Bitch!

Gavin Alston plays Bill, one of the airline stewards, along with Tom Mchugh as Ben. Both very camp characters and both actors deliver a gem of a scene before the take off commences. You wouldn't want to fly with them!

Daniel ison plays the beach bum Shane, as well as donning a set of high heels and frock as Bondi Bitch, And a very convincing drag queen he makes as well! Pair Daniel up with Gavin as Koala Bare and you have a dynamite drag duo, Gavin's outfit is very Kylie "Showgirl" outfit with skyscraper heels making him tower over the other actors. Bondi and Koala do a wonderful version of the camp classic "I Am What I Am" which gets the whole audience clapping along. A real class act!

David Matthews plays Jan's male friend, Joe with Marcus Whybrow playing the dual role of Tom and Danny, the outbacker who befriends Joe and also does a bit more befriending by the end of the play.Charlie is an old "hippie" character who is friends with Shane. played by Patrick McDonough who also just happens to be the director of this very amusing play as well.

A brilliant cast who all deliver every time I see them, as do all of the Burton Joyce Players, and that's what keeps me coming back for more from these talented bunch of actors.

There's a backdrop screen which sets the scene for the different settings and the sound effects and soundscape create an aural delight, making you feel that you were at the airport or by the sea,

A very funny story, some wonderful lines delivered (I loved the quotes from Shakespeare which were matched by Linda with quotes from Madonna's lyrics), Brilliant costumes by Yvonne Wright and Jenny Harwood, especially the drag outfits and wigs, nice scene setting and props, all went to make one of the funniest of plays I've seen of late. The Australian accents could have been a bit stronger but that is the only a minor point. It definitely didn't detract from my utter enjoyment of the play.

"Ladies Down Under" is on at Burton Joyce Village Hall until Saturday 30 April 2016 and I believe that there may be a few tickets left, but don't hang around cobber because the first night was very close to being sold out.

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