Thursday, 22 October 2015

"Inspector Drake & The Perfekt Crime"
Burton Joyce Players.

When Sergeant Plod is summoned to Doctor Short's home about his missing wife, it starts a whole barrel of fun for Plod and Inspector Drake as they try and solve the perfect murder.

In the words of Drake , this play has more twists in it than a really twisty thing and with a whole lot of laughs as well.The jokes are of the silly child-like level, but if it's funny, it's funny and inoffensive. Plod delivers some lovely monologues and is a perfect partner in crime, and comedic foil for Drake.

There are two doctors, well there might be, and two daughters, or are they really the doctor's daughters, and where does the evil Uncle Ebeneezer fit in with all of this. Oh yes this is farce at its' best with Plod being on the receiving end of Drake's hand, truncheon and whatever he has to hand when he feels like handing out a bit of his own punishment.

Patrick McDonough played Dr Short and his two female relatives were played by Kathy Matthews (Sabrina) and Jane Murray (Miss Short), and they lead us a merry old chase with their red herrings, making it difficult to work out just who was the real daughter and why the imposter was at the house.

David Tristram has written a series of Inspector Drake books and they seem to transcend so well to the stage. the full comedy element brought out by director Chris Mercer, who also plays our hero Drake.

How many "bad" jokes can Plod, played by Adam Miller deliver, and how many groans can the audience utter at them. They may be old and corny but they work so well in the context of the play. One of the highlights of the slapstick element of Plod is just after Drake asks Plod to blow up, as in enlarge, a photo. Classic Laurel & Hardy moment!

The timing element in this play is also good,especially the sound and light to action timing. A mini triumph for the sound and lighting crew of David Page, Steve Turner and Euan Jones.

The Burton Joyce Players have produced a wonderfully funny piece of farce here and it's great to see them supported so well by the community who, from the reaction on Thursday night, thoroughly lapped up the laughs.

An excellent play performed with great aplomb which you can see up to Saturday 24 October 2015 at the Burton Joyce Village Hall, Trent Lane, Burton Joyce. You'd be mad to miss this one!

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