Thursday, 20 November 2014

"MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING" by Riverside Drama Company
Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton

One of Shakespeare's finest comedies was done justice by The Riverside Drama Company, although I felt there were a few lines omitted, whether that's by editing or maybe first night  nerves I don't know, but nevertheless non detracting to the play and the enjoyment of it.

It is basically a love story with comedy lines scattered liberally throughout and although you may not understand all of the script, romanticism and poetry of Shakespeare, the acting ensures that you can follow the story from start to finish. This is not meant to take away from this play the twists and turns of the rich story line and the clever script.

Basically Benedick (Paul Norris), secretly likes Beatrice (Lizzie O Hara) but is too macho, or maybe proud, to reveal his affections, especially in front of his friends and townfolk of Messina. Through their friends, who drip feed them both with tips of the other's feelings to each other, they realise that, maybe they are made for each other.

Throw into the mix a sub plot where Antonio (Adam Richmond) is to marry Hero (Donna Chin),but through rumours ditches her at the altar, and then  advised that she had died due to his actions, only to discover that this wasn't really true and ended up marrying her after all.

Ah yes It's like a good old fashioned soap story, maybe William Shakespeare was one of our original soap writers! Let's face it, the storylines are all there.

There are some wonderfully comical performances from Paul Norris, Lizzie O Hara,Pete Renton ( Dogberry), Gary Peake (Borachio) and Adam Richmond with some clever use of the stage props, especially the table and floral decorations.

Martin Holtom, the director, must have had some fun with this production, as with all of the cast, Adam at times unable to stifle a chuckle and a smile. With the play set in 1935 there are some very stylish costumes for all of the cast to adorn themselves.

For anyone who has a notion that Shakespeare is just a little on the dull side, well pop along to the Duchess Theatre and take in a rather good, comical piece of literature which will make you smile and change your outlook on the Bard, I guarantee it you will enjoy it.

"Much Ado About Nothing" is being performed at The Duchess Theatre until Saturday 22 November 2014

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