Saturday, 13 September 2014

MONIQUE HENRY at the Neville Studios
Nottingham Playhouse
After Monique's amazing performance as Deloris in "Sister Act" at the Nottingham Theatre Royal earlier this year, this stripped back guitar and vocals evening was a nice alternative showcase.She had her sass on tonight most definitely!
If you can imagine warm milk chocolate being poured into your mouth, that's the equivalent of Monique's voice being poured into your ears. Smooth, satisfying and so tasty. Monique was accompanied on the guitar by Keiran (apologies to Keiran if that's not the correct spelling of his name), jazzy and a perfect backing for Monique's soulful voice.
Coming from Bulwell myself, I can't remember anyone rising up through the ranks but I'm pinning my hopes on Monique as a fellow Bulwellite to be the next big thing to come from Nottingham and the first breakthrough star from Bulwell. Let's face it if Jake Bugg from Clifton can make it......
Monique started off with a sexy and sassy version of the standard "Why Don't You Do Right" and worked her way through a mix of classy covers from the likes of Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Fats Domino, Beyonce, The Korgis and even The Beatles to name several, all rearranged to suit Monique's vocal style. Blend these with some wonderful original compositions, it made for a very entertaining. classy night out.
Although Monique' said that she had a bit of a throat, this did not come across because the sound was just so smooth and clear. Sounding in some places a little like Janet Kay and then in some places like Syreeta, it was very hard to place because Monique Henry has a certain tone to her voice which may borrow from some of the brilliant female soul singers of the past but also has a distinct originality.
The intimate surroundings of The Neville Studios suited Monique down to the ground and she looked so at home as she introduced every song and joked with the audience.
Now all we need is for Monique to put some of those wonderful vocals on to a disc so that we can enjoy her silky voice whenever we feel like chilling out at home...hint hint!

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