Monday, 2 June 2014

Nottingham Theatre Royal

Featuring Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace from Strictly Come Dancing and the follow up to last year's "Midnight Tango". Last year was brilliant but this year was just amazingly good.

There is comedy, characterization, drama, song, dance and a storyline as well. Set in 1940's Hollywood glamour Flavia plays Hollywood starlet Sadie Strauss. Sadie is one half of a golden couple with the fictional Barry Burns, who just happens to get bumped off early on, when photos of him in a compromising position with Lana Clemenza, the blonde bombshell bimbo, played by the luscious Abbie Osmon.

Private Eye Tommy Dubrowski (Teddy Kempner) tells the story in the style of the old American gangster movies and provides most of the comedy moments, along with Lana. With Barry out of the picture, quite literally, there's an opening for a new leading man, and who better to take his place than budding actor, Tony Deluca, played by Vincent Simone, but first he has to prove that he didn't kill Barry Burns.

The dancing by everyone, not just Vincent and Flavia, was absolutely amazing, including many different styles, but we had to wait for their trademark Argentine Tango until near the end. Style, class and energy is stamped all over this show and boy does the time fly as quick as those dancing feet.

Music wise the songs ranged from "Big Noise From Winnetka" through "Moon River", "Stand By Me" to Bruno Mars' "Runaway Baby" and Caro Emerald's "That Man". Vocal wise Abbie Osman belts out Peggy Lee's "I Am Woman" with gusto and the male vocals are from Oliver Darley who has an amazing voice. And what a fantastic orchestra as well under the management of Andy Barnwell and Pete Harrison.

This really is Top Notch class from a charismatic pair of dancers at the top of their league, and energetic as most of the dances are, the pair never seem to break into a sweat or look the slightest bit out of breath.

You can catch "Dance Til Dawn" all this week until Saturday 7 June 2014

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