Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Nottingham Lace Market Theatre.

I know, I know you've got images now of Mr Darcy walking out of that lake, shirt clinging etc etc. Well you may not be surprised to find that this scene from the film isn't in the play. From start to end this play, written by Jane Austen, is a joy to behold; well acted, funny, snappy and great delivery from every actor on that stage, and there were many of them, probably one of the biggest casts at the Lace Market Theatre that I'd seen.

23 talented young actors absolutely relishing this classic piece of literature and bringing those classic Austen characters alive along with their many varied foibles. A rollicking fine tale of class, marriages and manners revolving round Elizabeth Bennett, set in early 19th Century England.

Mr Bennett (Joel Walker); Joel managed to bring out the character's wonderful ironic humour, Annabel Redgate was a dream, and a scream, to watch as the wonderful Mrs Bennett, the mother of the five girls and the eager one to get them married off.

Elizabeth was sublimely played by Ava Stevens, slightly aloof but always in control.  Joel Heritage was well cast as the good looking Mr Darcy who finally got his gal in the end, but my favourite character was Mr Collins, played by Will Harrison, who I've seen in several productions at various theatres. Think Rowan Atkinson in a period drama and you'll have an insight into Will's portrayal of the clergyman cousin and heir to the estate, a good monetary catch for a young lady but pompous, and lacking in common sense. A comedy classic character.

Every actor nailed their roles with not a crack in the whole ensemble, and ably directed by Roger Watson. A sumptuous set which transformed from scene to scene with ease and also not lacking in a certain amount of humour with the transitions as well.

An almost full theatre appreciated the humour of Austen and the ability to deliver the clever lines with great expression. Seeing the almost full auditorium was a good sign as there's something good on at all the theatres in Nottingham this week so plenty of choice as to where to hand over your dosh.

"Pride And Prejudice" is being played out until Saturday 5 April 2014

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