Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Nottingham Theatre Royal until Saturday 1 February 2014

We all know the song "Walking In The Air" taken from the film of the same name directed by Dianne Jackson and based on the book by Raymond Briggs, but seeing this production just brings everything to life.

"The Snowman" is pure magic, and although we may be just outside the Christmas period, the mood created by snowy opening set the precedent for the rest of the show, all the way to the snowy end of the performance.

The story is one of The Boy who builds a snowman who then comes to life and they have several adventures which include flying, meeting Santa Claus and overpowering the evil Jack Frost, but was it really all a dream?

There are some additions to the film version with the introduction of Jack Frost, but it's not detracted from the book or the film one iota. At times it reminded me of Beatrix Potter with the balletic prancing of the reindeer, penguins and woodland animals which also showcased the talents of choreographer Robert North, and told the tale beautifully through dance, especially as there was no script, but no script is needed.

Archie Durrant plays "The Boy", and I think he's in for a big and successful career in the theatre. Not only is he as cute as a button, he's likeable too! Archie is very confident and a natural performer and his varied dance training is brought to the fore throughout the whole time he was on stage, which was for the majority of the play.

This production by the Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company is essentially a ballet for all ages to enjoy, but do not let the word ballet put you off because the dancing and musicality is jaw droppingly enchanting and you'll find yourself being drawn further into the story with every step and pirouette.

It's a play you can take your five year old to and get as much enjoyment and wonderment as taking your ninety five year old to. It'll melt your heart as fast as the Snowman melted at the end and I guarantee that you'll leave the theatre with a warm fuzzy feeling.

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