Monday, 25 November 2013


Nottingham Theatre Royal until Saturday 30th November

Cast your mind back to being 16 years old, being in love for the first time, the heartache of rejection, the longing, the lusting, the awkwardness, the music. "Dreamboats" taps into the emotions that we've all experienced at that age so we can all instantly associate with what is happening on stage.

The music is a big part of any teenager's life, whether it be One Direction, Kylie Minogue, Blondie or the wonderful 60s classics that are recreated live on stage and shape the soundtrack to our lives. The thetare now aks more from the actors of late, not only do they have to sing, dance and act but more and more we now see the cast providing the music as well and this show creates a part concert, part theatrical show atmosphere which had the whole theatre clapping and singing along, resulting in a standing ovation at the end, and richly deserved.

In a nutshell it's the story of Bobby (Stephen Rolley) who wants to be a star and is head over heels in lust with Sue (Louise Olley) who fancies the black drainpipes of arrogant teddy boy Norman (Matthew Colthart) who is keeping his options open. Bobby is the idol of Ray (Will Finlason)'s sister, Laura ( Hannah Boyce) who is a talented music student who finally gets to be Bobby's Girl at her 16th Birthday party.

The only known name in the cast is 60's heart throb Mark Wynter who plays older Bobby who proves that he can still deliver a tune and dance without getting out of breath. Mark also sings three of his big hits in the finale, "Venus In Blue Jeans", "It's Almost Tomorrow" and "Go Away Little Girl".

The entire show is so vibrant with a cast of really good vocalists, especially Stephen Rolley who has a really good huskiness to his voice and manages to hit the high notes with his rendition of Roy Orbison's "Only The Lonely". With 45 songs in the musical, and you'll know every one of them, you're in for a wonderful trip down memory lane.

As you'd expect from the era there's some great choreography and some very adept accapella work on "Poetry In Motion" and "Donna" from Will Finlason. It's bright, colourful, it will have you empathising with the unrequited love plights of Sue and Laura and cheering when they both get their "Dream Lovers" in the end.

Roll back the years and enjoy this brilliant show, but get your tickets fast.

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